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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.

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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


- Headquarters Transformation -



Bringing One, Unified Vision to Life

Kinective, a leading software provider, was bursting at the seams. They needed a 25,000 sqft headquarters space that would not only retain top talent and embody a Silicon Valley look and feel, but stand out in Arizona’s up-and-coming tech sector through both form and function.

Phase 1: Old Tempe Location

As a long-standing partner of Kinective for multiple decades, we know their people, processes, and most importantly, their advanced banking software technologies inside and out. Even before Kinective emerged as the strategic partnership of three businesses earlier this year - CFM, NXTsoft and IMM, we worked closely with the CFM team to transform their previous office space in Tempe, Arizona, before they simply outgrew it.

Split between two floors and sharing the space with a local credit union, CFM's employees were challenged with siloed communication and disjointed traffic flow. 

Kinective_HQ - 4
Kinective_HQ - 9

CFM's Tech Lab was hidden in the back of their office, providing clients with a hard-to-navigate and unwelcoming experience – that didn’t match the advanced and new technology inside their space.

Tackling their office transformation in phases, our DBSI team remodeled the second floor to support their continued growth, and eventually the first floor, until CFM could no longer find room for their employees after they quickly doubled in size.

After searching for the perfect location, CFM moved into Rivulon, a $1 billion development in Gilbert, Arizona and our design discovery process began.

parallax image
Designed for Happy Employees & Business Growth

Phase 2: New Gilbert Location

From the discovery phase through the debrief phase, our expert designers crafted a robust plan that delivered exceptional results that were on-time, on-budget, and put Kinective’s core beliefs at the forefront.

To guarantee their new headquarters space not only supported their current state, but many years of anticipated growth, we took a future proof approach, as we do with every headquarters project. By using our data-driven analysis tool, FAQTOR7, we’re able to combine historical data and the client’s full time employees counts to project spatial requirements for tomorrow and years down the road.

In the middle of our design process, CFM merged with two other businesses, which meant that we had to scale our plans even further. Luckily, because of FAQTOR7’s capabilities, we already had the flexibility built into the equation that allowed us to quickly adjust our plans to support their accelerated growth.

Kinective_HQ - 11-Sized
More Than Design - Creating a Culture

With the goal of offering their customers a stand-out, cohesive experience, it was critical their headquarters did the same. Being a forward-thinking tech company, they wanted their modern industrial space to emulate a future-forward hybrid work environment that increased productivity, provided maximum functionality and comfort, and supported the overall health and wellbeing of their employees.

Unlike their old CFM office space, they wanted this new headquarters to combine form and function and seamlessly connect three different businesses to become one. We worked with not one team, but three, along with a new CEO to discover the new company culture they were trying to create and bring it to life.

Kinective_HQ - 22-Sized
Kinective_HQ - 30-Sized

Knowing that Kinective offers a very high-tier, technologically advanced product suite, we knew that their space had to deliver an experience that matched.

To achieve this, our DBSI design experts conducted an in-depth discovery process, spending hours surveying every department to ensure every design element exceeded their expectations - down to every minute detail – so this space truly embodied Kinective’s new brand, new colors, and new cohesive vision.

Through investment, growth, and acquisition, our DBSI team has helped Kinective find their voice, create their culture, and establish themselves as a notable software company that can continue to attract top talent for many years to come.

Notable Workspace Areas

While designing this space we wanted it to be both aesthetically pleasing and comforting, but also meet the needs of everyday employees, out-of-state visitors, and clients, who all tend to have different needs and wants. 

 With an open-concept design, each area feels like its own home “neighborhood” while meeting each department’s needs and encompassing Kinective’s unified vision. 

Discovery Lab

Acting as Kinective’s "product showcase” space, this area allows visitors and clients to see advanced technology solutions and software in action. By pairing equipment and digital signage, clients can leave this space feeling inspired after exploring real-time product and software testing.

Ideation Showroom

Working closely with DBSI’s VP of Digital Creative, Alisa Semyekhina, PhD, and our Creative Experience Agency, we provided strategic expertise to create a memorable experience. By recommending the placement of their digital signage on retractable wooden doors, these screens act as both the centerpiece of their conference room and entry way to their extensive innovation space.

Developer Bullpen

By designing a collaborative workspace for the developer team, real-time problem-solving is promoted, leading to quicker solutions, more knowledge sharing, and a boosted sense of team camaraderie.

Breakout Spaces

Promoting innovation and exploration, staff members can utilize built-in whiteboards for larger team meetings or smaller one-on-one sessions. At the heart of the HQ is a living room where employees can unwind, interact, and even enjoy a touch of nature with living plants in view.

Game Room

Encouraging employees to unplug and bond over a competitive game of Nintendo Switch or ping pong, Kinective’s stylish game room promotes the balance of fun and productivity in the workplace.

Relaxation Stations

Promoting healthier mental and physical wellbeing, employees can settle into message chairs for a revitalizing experience to reset and relieve stress during breaks or at the end of their workday.

Conference Rooms

With various meeting spaces, this headquarters can cater to different needs and group sizes, ranging from intimate huddle rooms for quick brainstorming sessions to spacious boardrooms for presentations.


Emulating a home grade-A kitchen, this space encourages the entire Kinective team to refuel and enjoy meals together. Nook dining seating and a projector screen provide a comforting environment during company-wide town hall meetings and events.

Take a Virtual Tour

parallax image
Interior Design Elements

Designed to operate at its maximum potential, key elements such as intricate light fixtures, eye-opening baffles, chic backsplashes and finishes, and sound-deadening phone booths provide the Kinective team with a welcoming space that fosters future growth.


The furniture in Kinective’s HQ had to be modern, appealing, comfortable, easy to clean, and promote increased productivity. With many employees sitting for hours at a time, these pieces ensure team members won't get distracted from discomfort and can focus on their work.

Acoustic Solutions
Acoustic Solutions

With minimal carpet, unique, eye-catching acoustic clouds and phone booths were incorporated to minimize office noise so when Kinective’s marketing team is having a brainstorming session, Kinective’s developers also have a quiet area to work on complex code.

Kinective_HQ - 8

It’s all in the details. From the entryway, flex areas, and collaborative spaces, exquisite light fixtures are found throughout the headquarters to excite visitors and complement the building’s natural light.

Backsplashes & Finishes
Backsplashes and Finishes

With this modern, industrial design, color accents were used sparingly to highlight the beauty of the building itself.

Take A Closer Look

"As a long-standing partner of DBSI, we were ecstatic to collaborate with them again on creating our headquarters space. Their ability to take our suggestions and input while bringing our vision to life is remarkable, a true testament to how talented their team is. We’re very proud of the partnership and the results we’ve received on this project. It embodies the true definition of who we are, fosters a healthy environment while preparing us for many years of future growth. Our new headquarters space fuses together a perfect blend of design, strategy, and functionality that will propel Kinective forward. From the discovery stage through delivery, all details were executed perfectly."

SVP, Strategic Transformation & Support


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