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Perfect Branch Transformation Budget

As plans for your Branch Transformation, Headquarters, or Operations Centers progress, you probably already have an idea of the end result you're looking to achieve — but as you craft your budget, what are the key elements to consider to get it right? How much should you spend? And what's the best way to package it for your executive team and board approval?

Budget season is coming in hot, but don't sweat it  — we've got you covered! Join our webinar as DBSI CEO John W. Smith reveals the secret sauce behind perfecting your Branch Transformation budget and leave with a proven outline to win board approval.

You'll get answers to questions like... 

 What are the steps to craft a solid transformation strategy for my branch network?

• How can I get a realistic (and accurate) budget?

• How do I answer my board when they ask, "Why are you asking for this amount?" (You know someone's going to ask!)

• What have others spent on their branch and HQ projects?

• How can I maximize my budget to receive the most benefit?

Who should watch?

  • C-Level Financial Executives (CEOs, COO, CFOs, CROs)

Meet the Presenter

John W SmithJohn W. Smith helps financial institutions push the limits to improve their revenue, brand, and branch strategies, working with some of the largest banks and credit unions in the industry. John holds numerous technology patents and spearheaded the creation of the Ideation Center, a place where FIs visit in droves to strategize “Branch of the Future” designs.