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Branch Transformation can be hard. 
But it doesn't have to be.

There are literally millions of materials, steps, and processes that all need to come together in perfect harmony to successfully build a branch. That's no easy task and can leave anyone feeling like a 'dummie', so we created a banker's version of the Dummies book which breaks down the simplest approach for building a branch (known as 6ᵈ).

Guaranteed to make you even smarter than you already are, download now to discover:

✔️ Current State of the Client vs Current State of the Branch

See why banks and credit unions are transforming their branch network with new, retail-focused branches in order to meet client expectations. 

✔️ Design-Build vs Design-Bid-Build

Explore the two most popular delivery methods for building a branch, the differences between them, and how to decide what approach is best for you.

✔️ A Simplified Approach to Design-Build
Find out the quickest and easiest approach for building or remodeling a branch. And look at an example of a successful, completed branch transformation project.