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In banks and credit unions across the US, Digital Signage is catching eyes and proving to be worth its pixels. More and more financial institutions are transitioning away from paper brochures and handwritten rate boards and are investing in this technology.

But exactly how would we describe the current state of Digital Signage? And where exactly is it headed? Look no further: You’ve come to the right resource.

Over 100 financial industry leaders provided DBSI with insights about their digital signage use—what’s working, how much they're spending and what they're finding most effective.

So how do you stack up against other financial institutions? No more wondering; find out in the 2018 Digital Signage Benchmarking Survey Report.

This report answers questions such as: 

  • What kind of digital content are most financial institutions leveraging?
  • How are other financial institutions allocating their budgets?
  • Does adding digital signage equate to increased sales?
  • Where are financial institutions finding the most success with digital signage?
  • ...and more!

Download the free report to see what other financial institutions are doing with their digital signage, along with several key trends and pro-tips to do digital signage right. 

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