Question #12: What does the percentage % mean?
The percentage on the “beneficiary letter” you received represents your percentage ownership in all the assets in the respective trust and is computed by dividing your allowed claim (as listed in disclosure statement 3, 4 or 12) by the total of all allowed claims of all beneficiaries in the respective trust. In the case of Schedule 3, (Claims of TIC investors according to the protocol in the Plan of Liquidation), in computing estimated total claims, an estimate was included for non-TIC claims. The trustee continues to review all such non-TIC claims and many of those claims will be challenged, and ultimately may be disallowed or may be allowed for a different amount. After the conclusion of that claims review and challenge process, your percentage “interest” in the trust may change. The Trustee will only communicate that change to you if there is a material change justifying the cost of circulating a revised beneficiary letter.